Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You dig?

Still on the topic of Wednesday Addams after yesterday's post, my favorite episode of The Addams Family was the one where the beret-and-basque-striped-shirt wearing beatnik rode into their lobby on a motorcycle and stayed with them for a few days. Or for one 30 minute episode, I guess. He kept banging on bongos and saying "You dig? You dig?"

Said Wednesday, deadpan as always: "Only graves."


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Mother of Ruth said...

hair! I haven't cut ruth's yet. We tell ourselves she is hip like one of those inscrutable Japanese teenage boys.

I wonder if we were at Peek-a-Botique at the same time. (Incidentally, if that is how you spell it, Saturday was the first time I saw the owner in a plesant mood, amazing). One of these days the linked bloggers will have to have a bbq.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger llamaschool said...

We started cutting Sabra's bangs at 6 months, just because I couldn't wait to get that page boy onto her. It was actually much easier to cut then than now. Now we get one snip in, then have to wait 'til she's distracted.

Maybe someday Sabra and I can hook up with you and Ruth for one of your playground haunts. We're going to be leaving for a month in a few days, but maybe we can figure something out for later this Fall.


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