Monday, May 30, 2005

PS to the PB

Regarding the Photo Booth picture, I had it up on my screen yesterday when I heard Sabra, seated behind me and on the floor, wimpering. After a little investigation I discovered that the photo-booth picture was the source of her displeasure. When I told Michael about this phenom later he had to experiment a few times before we confirmed that photobooth pic has the same effect on her as the coffee grinder, the garbage disposal and her stuffed Taco Bell Dog (repeat in a creepy voice: "I tink I'm in luff.")

Kind of gave me the same genre of insight into baby psyches as the Cloned Santa Claus Nightmare scene in City of Lost Children.

Since then, Michael has frightened her for the entertainment of invited guests as well as an ensemble of his co-workers. Fun times!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Photo Booth

Check out Sabra in the Rayko photo booth, and keep in mind that she was 11 months old here. Not Five years. I was a little horrified by it at first, but now I'm hoping that the passport photo we're having taken this week has a similar timeless freakishness.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Same time, last year

Sabra's first birthday was Thursday. I put together a fete at the park that made me the laughing stock of all the second-time moms in my playgroup. But, Sabra had a blast. The look on her face when she realized everyone was not only singing, but singing at her was priceless.
Here are some photos:




Forks! Cups! Straws! Must be a party.


Daniel fisted the cake (see blotch, center rear of confection).


Why do the best pictures of her so often include my mother-in-law?