Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bad Mother! (dodges rolled newspaper) BAD! BAD!

In our defense, we really don't watch a lot of television. We were given a free month of NetFlicks two years ago and still haven't used it. But we're not above flipping on the Baby Neptune DVD we received as a shower gift (thanks, Adrienne) when an emergency arises-- like an important telephone call that would be undermined by a background soundtrack of high-pitched babyese. It has a semi-permanent place in the DVD player, ready to jump in for us in a pinch.

Such an occasion arose this morning. I plopped Sabra in the middle of our bed, surrounded her with pillows, activated Baby Einstein and left the room phone in hand. I even stuck my head in the door to check on her a few minutes later. She glanced at me, expressionless, then back at the TV screen.

I came back into the room later to find that she'd watched about 20 minutes of Resnais' Night and Fog, a very graphic holocaust documentary that we'd been watching the night before.

I just hope that in 35 years her therapist is not into regressive hypnosis.


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