Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Resigned to Resolutions

Having allowed room for failure by procrastinating until the 4th (midweek), Sabra and I now commence the carrying out of my one and only New Year's Resolution:

Leave the house at least 3 days a week. No excuses.
Addendum: Errands and conventional daily trips to the park don't count.

Assuming that a pre-meditated, well-scheduled extra-curricular activity would be more likely to anchor my resolution with a sense of responsibility, I did spend some time in December looking at options. Anyone who knows me knows I've decided against baby yoga. But the excuse may surprise you: Based on recent experience with teething, I believe that even if Gus didn't end up chewing up the yoga mat, Sabra would. And I've assured myself that jogging strollers are surely dangerous. The waitlist at La Piccola Scuola Italiana is too long. Sabra's new shrieking-banshee tic rules out library storytime. The website is too difficult to decifer. I can't justify giving more money to Gymboree for classes considering my susceptability to their shameless merchandising and goofy clothes. So I arrive at week one with nothing in place except enough rope to hang myself.

Yesterday we stopped by the pet store to pick up some Gus supplies, and Sabra flipped out in front of the fish tanks. She was particularly excited by a fight we witnessed among 3 South American Parrot Fish. So we're going back to the pet store today, but just for fun this time--so it counts! And again tomorrow and the next day, if I can't think of anything better to do.


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