Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pietro and Re-Pete

This weekend we learned the names one of my husband's high school friends has given his brand new identical twin sons. I was a little taken aback at first, but now that I've sat with the news awhile I say props! props! props!

Background: The mom's last name is Italian, for the sake of her privacy we'll say it's Zamboni (it's very close to that.) The Dad's last name is something close to Mulligan. They've given the kids different last names, with first names that are a shout out to each side of the family tree:

"Matteo Zamboni" and "Aidan Mulligan."

Remember, these are identical twins. And Zamboni and Mulligan aren't the middle names, they're the for-the-record respective last names.

Their father is a stand-up comedian and a former segment producer for The Daily Show and their mother is an actress with my all-time favorite show Strangers With Candy to her credit (call me a name dropper, but then remember I'm not actually using their names.) Both of them, as you would expect, are natural born smart-asses and collectively represent my best hope for bringing my lustful preoccupation with Steven Colbert to fruition.

Babies and mom are healthy and doing great, and I guess Dad is too. Although we all keep laughing about the time his arachnaphobia got the best of him during a job interview when he was faced with a tarantula-inhabited terrarium on the desk of the potential employer. He ended up in tears.

So now we're all like, "Hey Paul, you crybaby! Twins, like tarantulas, total eight arms and legs!" Good luck to 'em.


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